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PTA's Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017 with Stephen Fritz-Millet and Aurelie Dimandja

PTA's Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017 with Stephen Fritz-Millet and Aurelie Dimandja

PTA's Powerless or Empowered Nov 2017 with Stephen Fritz-Millet and Aurelie Dimandja

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Briefly describe the topic or project to be discussed, including any strengths/weaknesses in the current knowledge base and any existing barriers to its translation/application in clinical practice.

Relevance to Physiotherapy Practice

Clearly identify the clinical problem to be addressed during the session. Highlight how the information to be presented will improve clinicians’ assessment skills or affect patients’ outcomes.

Leadership Webinar on the different type of Power in the workplace. PT vs. PTA.

Target Audience

Identify the level of prior exposure to the topic required to successfully follow the session (e.g., new to topic area, basic understanding of concepts/terms, targeted to students, entry to practice PT, PT with less than 5 years’ experience, 5-15 years of experience, 15+ years of experience, PTAs, Expert level PTs, PTs in Public Practice, Private Practice, Public/Private Practice, PTs in Admin or Supervisory Positions, PTs in Policy Practice)

PTAs and PTs in Public/Private Practice, Policy Practice and Admin or Supervisory Positions.

All entry level.


Steve served with the Canadian Army as an Artillery Officer for over thirty years, retiring finally in May 2016 at the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Since 2007, he has worked fulltime for Calian Technologies to support the Canadian Army in developing its ability to work in an increasingly complex interagency environment on missions at home and abroad. He finds himself regularly involved in design, development and delivery of training programs for a wide variety of Canadian Armed Forces and civilian organizations. He has had several articles published in journals on topics related to interagency operations and lectures on this subject regularly. In addition, Steve is currently a Contract Site Manager with Calian.

Steve joined Toastmasters International in 2005, an organization dedicated to helping people achieve self-improvement through the development of their communication and leadership skills. He speaks regularly (on average once a week for the past ten years) but his real passion is in mentoring both individuals and groups. He currently is a member of Downtown Kingston Toastmasters and has been assigned as a Club Coach to a club that was in decline. Since starting as a Club Coach six months ago, he has helped this club recover to the highest level a club can achieve, President’s Distinguished. He currently serves as an Area Director, overseeing six Toastmasters Clubs In field of over two hundred club presidents, Steve was selected as the District 61 2014-2015 Club President of the Year. He yearns to one day be the World Champion of Public Speaking. This may require some more work!

In 2007, Steve and his wife Juanita launched a bold new experiment in church called ‘Café Church Kingston’, essentially church in a coffee shop, a church for people who would not otherwise see themselves in a church. In its tenth year of operation, Café Church Kingston is an established and recognized centre for transformed lives in the heart of Kingston. Steve and Juanita believe in the transformative power of mentoring relationships, something which features highly in Café Church Kingston. He is four courses and one year away from completing a Masters of Theological Studies through Tyndale Seminary in Toronto.

Steve’s other passions include military history, leadership, management and organizational theory and practice, home renovations, hanging with his granddaughters, the beach and stamp collecting (not kidding). He plays rugby occasionally and not very well, and speaks French though most Francophones who meet him would dispute his claim.

Residing in Kingston Ontario since 2006, he is happily married to his wife of 29 years, Juanita (nee Fritz), has four children, two children-in-laws, and two granddaughters, one five and one not quite one, both who see him as an endless supply of chocolate.

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