6 Skills in 6 Weeks: Free Online Physiotherapy Course

This is a free online course with over 4 hours of content from an all-star line-up of instructors! Learn from the best in class on your time and schedule. 

The instructors for this course include:

  • Carolyn Vandyken 
  • Nelly Faghani
  • Darryl Yardley
  • Julie Wiebe
  • Bahram Jam
  • Jim Millard
  • Alison Sim
  • Randy Goodman
  • Shelley Mannell
  • Jodi Steele
  • Shelly Prosko
  • Debbie Patterson
  • Mike Stewart
  • Meaghan Adams
  • and many more!

The Skills:

  • Week 1, Skill 1: The Therapeutic Alliance
  • Week 2, Skill 2: Cultural Sensitivity
  • Week 3, Skill 3: PT as a Manager - Leadership, Business, Branding
  • Week 4, Skill 4: The Patient Experience
  • Week 5, Skill 5: Ongoing education & Scholarly Practice
  • Week 6, Skill 6: Self-Care & Avoiding Burn-Out

How to Join:

Click the 'Request Access to Course Material' in the top left corner of this page and join us for the next 6 weeks with an all-star line-up of instructors for FREE!

Happy learning!

The instructors
Embodia Academy

Embodia is Canada's largest online education learning platform for physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. We believe that learning is an ongoing process and the best way to remain passionate and effective as a practitioner is to open yourself up to new techniques, methods and beliefs. Embodia gives you all the accredited continuing education you need to stay up to date on the latest treatments and advances from the comfort of your own home. Increase compliance and minimize patient discharge with the Home Exercise Program app and an all-star line-up of instructors that will teach you the business side of being a successful PT so you can accelerate your career to become a well respected, in demand, and well paid PT who patients love.

Week 1: The Therapeutic Alliance

Welcome to Week 1!

What Patients Actually Want

The Patient Experience

Biopsychosocial: An Introduction

We Are Stuck in the Biomedical Model

Do We Need to Change Our Practice?

Softening Into Struggle

Nine Steps of the Subjective Exam

Week 1 Quiz

Week 1 Feedback

Week 2: Cultural Sensitivity

Welcome to Week 2!

Homophobia, Heterosexism, and Heteronormativity

Social Detriments of Health

Strategies to Improve LGBT Healthcare

Strategies to Improve Healthcare at the Clinician Level

Aboriginals Are a Heterogenus Group

Recommendations and Conclusions

Week 2 Quiz

Week 2 Feedback

Week 3: Leadership, Business, Branding

Welcome to Week 3!

Deri Latimer - Do Dope, Avoid Cort

Digital Marketing Intro

The Patient Journey

Say It, Don't Spray It



Week 3 Feedback

Week 4: The Patient Experience

Welcome to Week 4!

Panel Intro

Being Heard

Finding the Right Help


Learning to Cope

Tips for Clinicians


Panel Conclusion

Week 4 Quiz

Week 4 Feedback

Week 5: Ongoing Education & Scholarly Practice

Intro to Week 5

Lifelong Learning with Ann Sado

Fibromyalgia with Debbie Patterson

Helping Patients Express Their Pain with Mike Stewart

Basic Anatomy of the TMJ with Bahram Jam

Rethinking Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Julie Wiebe

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy with Carolyn Vandyken

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Alison Sim

Neuroanatomy & Concussions with Meaghan Adams

Breast Cancer with Jodi Steele

Nutrition and Spinal Cord Injury with Joanne Smith

Daring Greatly with Pelvic Health Solutions

Meditation with Deri Latimer

Week 5 Quiz

Week 5 Feedback

Week 6: Self Care & Avoiding Burn-Out

Welcome to Week 6!

Goals vs. Purpose

Positive Thinking

Neural Networking

Reframing Thoughts

What's Your Story?


Best Use of You

Loving Kindness Meditation

Week 6 Feedback

Recommendations and What's Next