Sex and Disability

This course covers fears and misconceptions about sex and disability; talking about sex with your partner, your health care provider, and your attendant; planning ahead for some considerations that may affect you during sex; and exploring what works for you, which presents a few sex toy options which can help adapt to your fatigue, lubrication, increased or decreased sensation, and mobility.

This course contains some adult material and covers a variety of topics, including sex toys. If this was a movie it would be rated R for sexual content and mature themes.

Several experts contributed to this course.

Gabriella Carafa is a registered social worker living with a disability who has a passion for supporting people with disabilities and helping them participate in all aspects of their lives. Gabriella shared her thoughts about common fears and misconceptions, the importance of communication, and other health-related information to consider about sex and disability.

Springtide Resources Sexuality and Access Project contributed tips for talking about sex in an attendant service relationship.

Charlotte Henderson represented Come As You Are, a co-operatively owned sex store with an educational mandate. Charlotte introduces some different sex toys and how they can be used in various settings. This course is brought to you by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

Instructor Name Cortree
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Run Time 45:00
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