How To Use Digital Marketing To Build A Better Practice

In this course, we outline the various areas of digital marketing a clinic needs to be familiar with in order to successfully drive targeted, online leads to their business. Participants will finish this course with an in-depth understand of the state of digital marketing in 2017 and how the top clinic are producing quality leads and driving sales online.

In the new digital age, your customer's first impression of your clinic no longer happens in person, it occurs online. This course is designed to ensure you have both the strategies and tactics necessary to build a powerful online presence.

Course Objectives:
1. To develop an understanding of how digital marketing can grow your clinic
2. To develop the knowledge of available strategies and tactics you can implement right away to improve your online presence
3. To gain an understanding of the different options your practice has to produce value driven content
4. To develop an understanding of how each area within digital marketing complements one another
5. To develop the understanding of a customer's online journey from start to finish

This course is designed for anyone responsible for the online brand of a clinic - Owners, Clinicians, Office Administrators, Office Assistant, Students, and Interns.

Instructor Name Julian D'Angelo
Cost CA$99.00
Run Time 1:50:40
Access Duration Indefinite access after purchase